Freshly back from my week off and boy did I need it. Somehow I tweaked out my back that made me cry uncle. Steam is having its "Summer Camp Sale" i'm still working on F3AR and it looks like we have some members upgrading their PC's right now. There is a ton more news so lets go!

 Summer Camp Sale:
steam_logoNeed games? Ha, your in luck. Thru July 10th Steam is running daily sales. Here's the catch though. These deals are only good for one day aka 24 hours. What I have come to figure out is if I see a game that I want, buy it, don't wait. That way you won't miss something that caught your eye.

LanOC member drpain started this thread to let everyone know that the sale was live. I have also been hopping in there daily to post up my daily picks on which games that you should pick up. There is bound to be something that you have wanted. Stalker:Clear Sky was finally on sale and I picked it up to complete the collection.


Well for the 4th of July weekend I tried to put some more time into F3AR but other things kept me busy. I can say for sure that this is the best one out of them all. The gun play is nice and smooth and the "Mech's" that they pulled from the second game are just as if not more badass. I am going to try and finish it ASAP but between work and school things have been busy. If you have played the other FEAR games do yourself a favor and pick this one up.

N.O.V.A 2 HD:

So N.O.V.A.. Orginally released on iOS this was a Halo clone for the iPhone. I picked this up when I had an iPhone 3G and it was great fun. Now that it is on Android I urge everyone to pick it up. If you want a great little FPS when your in line at the movie theater or on the toliet there is nothing better. The first N.O.V.A was a great looking game and i'm sure the 2nd will not disappoint. Do yourself a favor, head on over to the Android Market and queue up your download. Or, wait till it goes on sale. Either way, make sure this is one portable game that you play.

Member Upgrades:

Seems like summer is the time to upgrade your machine. I have built a new LanBox, named V2. We have member Kelf doing an SSD upgrade, also Wingcmdr77 is looking for a good upgrade for his cash. Jump in these threads and post your questions and or responses. Your LanOC staff is here to help out with all of your PC upgrades and or questions. With our staff reviewing all sorts of hardware they have the nowhow and what to expect for your hard earned cash. Don't be shy in making your own thread about a future upgrade or question that you might have either.

LanOC V9.0:


Just letting everyone know way in advance about our next upcoming LAN. It will be at the usual spot on August 27th and 28th. If you've been to our LAN's in the past then you know how LanOC does it. If you are a new member and have never been its a time you will not soon forget. From raffles to mouse pad tosses to dodge ball and best case contests LanOC throws one hell of a LAN party. Make your reservations at your preferred hotel/motel and get ready. The end of August is coming up quickly.

That is it for this week's edition of Gaming News but I will be back next week for more news and more updates from the LanOC community. Gaming Nights are still on Wednesday and Friday if you have forgotten. Come out and enjoy some fragging with fellow members. 

Until next week, Wingless is out!
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