The box for the Nvidia RTX 4080 SUPER Founders Edition isn’t any different than the rest of the 4000 series Founders Editon cards. But even still each time I see them is still as exciting. With Nvidia being able to not have the bright green wrap around and their unique packaging that is nothing like any other cards you get the full experience when you get a Founders Edition card. The box is black and the front has the Nvidia logo and 4080 SUPER branding but all of that is printed in gloss black so it is only visible when the light hits it. Up on top, they have the hourglass shape of the card. Then on the back, they have a black sticker with the system requirements, a list of what is in the box, the certification logos, and of course the UPC and serial number bar codes. What makes this box different though is the view from the side. You can see it is all made out of corrugated plastic and there are large holes where you can see all the way through the box. Each side has a tear-off sticker which is the only thing keeping you from opening up the box. Even the box that Nvidia ships this in is custom fit to the box size and opens up differently with the thick slide-open sides.

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When you open the box up there are two halves, both have a cutout shaped to the card with cardboard on the inside which is black with gloss black streaks across it. When you open it all up the RTX 4080 SUPER Founders Edition is sitting right there without any static protective bags or anything around it like it is being displayed. The PCIe slot does have a cover on it and the display connections have plugs in them, that’s about it. When when you pull the card out there is another cardboard panel and a pull tab that pulls out a small box with the accessories and documentation inside.

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The RTX 4080 SUPER Founders Edition doesn’t come with much but that small box has a drawing showing basic steps on installing the card and has a QR code to get drivers and better installation instructions. Then inside of the box is the single accessory, the power adapter. This one has three 8-pin PCIe plugs on one end and the new 12VHPWR connection that the RTX 4080 SUPER Founders Edition uses on the other end. Each cable is sleeved in black sleeving and behind the plug it has been taped.

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