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Like with the packaging, Nvidia’s Founders Edition design is like nothing else on the market. All of the aftermarket cards go with plastic fan shrouds and two or three fans on the one side of the card. The Founders Editon design is a lot more stout with an all-metal design that includes exposed heatsinks and an infinity-like shape that divides the heatsinks up. The 4070 SUPER hasn’t changed anything for styling from the original RTX 4070 other than the card now has a blacked-out finish that looks really good.

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The RTX 4070 SUPER Founders Edition comes in at 240 mm long, 110 mm tall, and 40 mm thick. This is the same size as the original RTX 4070 Founders Edition. The 40 mm thickness means that it is a true 2-slot card that doesn’t hang over the third slot at all and its height means that you don’t have to worry much about the card fitting in cases, where most aftermarket cards are significantly longer and taller. The power connection is on top though so you will need to factor that in as well.

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The traditional “fan-side” of the card has one fan on the left side of the card with small heatsinks fitting in the gaps around it then the X-shapped middle of the infinity shape is in the middle splitting up three more exposed heatsinks with the middle top and middle bottom heatsinks having a bigger gap between fins where the left and right heatsinks are more like a thinner sheet metal laid out in a V shape. The fan on the left is 92 mm wide. It has 7 blades and an outer ring that gives it more strength and helps focus the air to blow straight down into the heatsink below and over the PCB below as well. The fan has a machined aluminum center cap which is finished darker to match the fan. Just below the fan on the edge, they have also laser etched the RTX 4070 SUPER logo which is subtle but the only visible print on this side of the card.

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Another area the Founders Edition design is different is the second fan in this design is on the back side of the card. There have been a few aftermarket cards that have implemented this but for the most part, a blow-through design with both fans on the one side is the most common. This fan has the same 7-blade 92 mm design but the blades are flipped around to pull air through the heatsink and out this direction where on the other side the fan is pushing the air. It has the same aluminum center cap with a dark finish. The rest of the back of the RTX 4070 SUPER Founders Edition has the same X shape in the center that completes the infinity loop design but the back doesn’t have any exposed heatsinks. This side is protecting the back of the PCB and giving the card more strength. They have the Nvidia logo etched on the X trim and then the RX 4070 SUPER logo is on the main backplate with both upside down so they will be visible when the card is installed in a normal PC case configuration.

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The Founders Edition design doesn’t have a standard shroud at all but the hourglass shape that wraps around the heatsink does have two sections up on top of the card. The GeForce RTX branding is printed here just like with the original RTX 4070 Founders Edition. The top of the card has the angled heatsinks exposed as well and in the middle of those they have slipped in the 12VHPWR power connection. I mentioned this with all of the 4000 Series cards but I do wish that this was angled like Nvidia did on some of the 3000 Series cards to put less strain on the connection when plugged in and to make it easier to hit the wiring which is complicated because the power connection isn’t at the end of the card but just past the middle which is where the PCB ends.

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Working around the top, bottom, and end of the RTX 4070 SUPER Founders Edition the metal housing on the top that I already touched on is the same on the bottom of the card with only the PCIe slot being visible from the PCB. The metal continues around on to the end of the card where there are two removable screws. These are for cases that have built-in support to prevent sag and keep cards from moving around or putting strain on the PCIe slot.

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The PCI bracket end of the 4070 SUPER Founders Edition has four large openings for the card to push air out of your case even though this isn’t a blower-style card like the Founders Edition cards from years ago. The bracket itself has a tinted finish over it then down at the bottom edge Nvidia has packed all of the certification logos and required information as well as the card's serial number which is all laser etched on. For display connections, it has the “standard” layout that a majority of cards have had for a while now which is three DisplayPort connections and one HDMI. They do have the HDMI down at the bottom, not in the middle which makes it easier to find when plugging things in blindly.

image 26

I of course have a few shots of the RTX 4070 SUPER Founders Edition and the original RTX 4070 together to get a better comparison between the two. Both cards have the same cooler size and design. It’s just the finish on the non-heatsink components being blacked out that is different. This is noticeable on the top edge but the difference is even more drastic on the trim on the sides.

image 30

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