The packaging for any of the 4000 Series Founders Editon cards have had this completely unique packaging design and the RTX 4070 SUPER FE is no different. Because this card is from Nvidia they don’t have the normal bright green wrap-around or any of that and the box is all black. Even the print on the front which has the RTX 4070 SUPER FE model name is a gloss black as is the Nvidia logo in the top left corner, you can hardly see them unless the light hits it just right. Up on top the box has an hourglass-like shape on it, this is the design shape of their 4000 Series cards. Then on the back, they have one sticker that has the system specifications requirements, support and warranty information, and barcodes for the UPC and serial number are all hidden away here. What makes the box so unique though is its size and from the side video you can see a lot of the box is made from corrugated plastic and you can see all the way through to the other side in the large holes on the ends.

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Getting in the box is normally really easy, the stickers on the sides pull off and the box just flips up but this time around the tear stickers didn’t want to tear. Once I handled that the inside is more black and has stripes of gloss black in the background. Then the corrugated plastic has a cutout on both halves in the shape of the card keeping it from moving around. The design showcases the card and you really get the unboxing experience with it not having any extra packaging that you have to remove, multiple boxes inside of boxes, or static protective bags like you see with more video cards. Under the card itself is a thick cardboard panel and a pull tab that will pull out the accessory box that is hidden in the middle under the card.

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The box has a card in the top with a QR code linking you to the drivers and line drawings giving basic instructions on getting things hooked up. Then at the bottom, you get one accessory, a power adapter for the cards 12VHPWR connection for anyone who doesn’t have a new power supply with the new connection. For the RTX 4070 SUPER FE, this adapter has dual 8-pin PCIe plugs on the other end but the number of power connections on the adapter is different for other models so don’t try to use these on other cards. The 12VHPWR connection is significantly smaller and can handle more power than the older PCIe plugs but they have had issues with adapters and cards with connections that weren’t all the way seated getting hot and melting so be very careful to get things installed fully.

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