The packaging for the Sapphire RX 7700 XT Pulse sticks right with what we have seen in the past for Sapphire cards but they did change the color up from the RX 7600 Pulse that I took a look at back in May which has a yellow/brown. The background doe the 7700 XT Pulse is a bright purple and because of that the red wrap-around that AMD has all of their partners include blends in a little better as well. The background has the pulse oximeter like pulse line leading to the Sapphire Pulse logo on the right. Sapphire has a second Sapphire logo up in the top left as well. Then the GPU model information is in the red wrap-around as well as the 12GB of VRAM in the bottom left. The back of the box changes things up completely with a bright white background. They have the Model name in the top left and the pulse zig-zag line runs across the back but there isn’t really any useful information back here. They have some product specifications and by some I mean it lets you know this card has two DisplayPort and two HDMI connections. They also let you know their power requirements. But the card dimensions would be nice and a few pictures of the card would be helpful if shipping in retail as well. 

image 4

image 5

The outer box slides off once you cut the seal and inside is a brown box that gives most of the structure. The brown box opens up and inside is a half-inch layer of foam on top. Under that you have the documentation then the 7700 XT Pulse comes wrapped in a static protective bubble wrap bag and is then sitting in a thick foam tray cut out to fit the card. The card also has plastic you have to peel off on the fan shroud as well. For documentation, you get a basic generic quick installation guide and that’s about it. The Pulse lineup isn’t about including any more than you need so there aren’t any adapters, brackets, or swag included.

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