The packaging for the GTX 960 Strix follows the same theme that other Strix cards have. Not being a ROG card means there isn’t any red, but the box is all blacked out. The front of the box has the standard green strip with the GTX 960 branding. In the background Asus has a photo of what I can only discrbe as a robotic owl. The front of the packaging also has a drawing of the heatsink and fans as well as a few highlights down at the bottom that point out that this card is overclocked, has 2 gigs of memory, has their Super Alloy power circuitry, and it runs at 0 decibels.

Around on the back of the box Asus goes into a little more detail on the Super Alloy Power and the 0 Decible cooling as well as a little but about the included Xsplit gamecaster software and GPU Tweak. They also include a short specification listing as well as a line drawing of the connection options. This is great because no one wants to get home from the store to find out that they need a different cable to hook their second monitor up or even worse that you will need a new monitor all together with additional connection options.

image 1

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Inside the box they have a second box, this time with this a golden Asus logo on the top. Inside the GTX 960 Strix is wrapped up in a static protective bag and sitting in a cutout section in the foam. For accessories you only get a DVI to VGA adapter. Up under the foam you will also find the driver/software disc, a small guide, and a silver Strix sticker.

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Today Nvidia launches their new GTX 960, I take a look at the Asus GTX 960 Strix to see what the new card is all about.

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