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Our 2560x1440 testing is still very new, so results are limited just to the Vapor-X 290. I still wanted to include them to give you an idea of what to expect performance wise if you decide to bump up your resolution. Only one of the 5 games tested still gave us over 60 fps, even with the power of the Vapor-X 290. Most, like Thief came in just under 50fps. This is still a good number, most people find anything above 30 fps playable, but you might have to sacrifice a little AA to bring the performance up over 60 if you are sensitive to that. Hopefully soon I will have filled in more of our testing to show 1440p performance a little better, keep an eye out on our future VGA reviews for new and old cards being tested.







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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35010 13 Jun 2014 16:28
Happy Friday everyone! Today I take a look at the Vapor-X R9 290 from Sapphire. This is a monster video card. You may have seen Ed from Sapphire sporting it in his rig at a few events as well.
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Algin replied the topic: #35030 17 Jun 2014 00:40
Hello. First just wanted to say hi to all of you, as I'm newest member of this community :)
And now to the question - I'm currently in a market for 290, and I'm torn apart before few brands. I have narrowed my choice between the Sapphire and the MSI gaming.

As you have reviewed both of the cards, and from the charts it is shown that they both trade blows and achieve very similar FPS, which one would you recommend? Is the 5db noise difference really hearable? And how are the VRM temps on those cards? Are they kept in check like below 80C during gaming?

Price wise, in my country (Poland) the MSI gaming wins hands down - the version with 1007 MHz boost costs 1439pln - that's about $471 and is in line with other 290s, while Vapor-x is about 300 pln higher - that is about $100 more. Do you think, that this card is really worth it's premium tag, compared to Msi Gaming?
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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35031 17 Jun 2014 04:00
for that big of a price difference I don't think it would be worth it. They are both great cards, given the same or similar prices I would go with the Vapor-X>MSI Gaming>Tri-X

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