If you have been paying attention at all, there has been a lot of talk about what AMD has been up to on the video card side of things. Part of this is related to them inviting some of their press and partners out to Hawaii to show off their upcoming product launch. Why Hawaii? Well this follows their islands name scheme. For those who didn’t make it out there they did a live video stream as well. There they showed off information about the cards but avoided specifications and major details. In place they focused on details about their new focus on in game audio for example.

Written by: Wes

While some sites are launching their reviews of the new cards, we have to wait a little longer because what I have on hand are not reference cards. While you wait I’ve put together a little bit of the information about the new cards. Expect to see performance numbers here on LanOC soon as well.

To start things off, here is the original video that I spoke about.

Now to show off a little information about each of the cards being introduced today. Forgive me if each of these is a little short, I just wanted to make sure everyone gets the information. You will find more about them as I look at them more in depth as well.


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