The R7870 is packaged extremely similar to the 7900 and 7700 series cards we've reviewed recently. The theme of the box lends itself well to the black edition cards, and though you will find a few identifiers of what this card is equipped with on the front side (such as the large 2GH bandwidth and PCI-E 3.0 support), the majority of information is printed on the reverse.  You'll find very much the same information from card to card here, the same tag from the front wraps to the back to further define the features of the GPU. Neighboring this is the thoughtful graphic representation of the outputs the card is equipped with.

Opening the card will greet you with several awards obtained by XFX, including Editor's and Top Honor awards from yours truly. A separate box slides out from the sleeve and opens to reveal the same collection of goodies we've seen from XFX in previous models: Do Not Disturb door hanger with your unique serial number and support information listed, case badge, Crossfire Bridge, install guides and driver CD, and product catalogs.

This paperwork rests on the roof of another cardboard insert, under which you'll find the meat of the package, wrapped securely in an anti-ESD bag.

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A look at the XFX R7870 Black Edition Overclocked

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