Well between our last OCZ drive review and this one they have changed up their styling a bit. The Vector 180’s box is all blacked out and on the cover they have the model name down in the bottom right in a chrome print in a classy font. Over in the bottom right corner is the capacity, in this case 480GB. Then the rest of the front just has a simple photo of the drive across it. I love it because the drive is really all we are interested right? We get the name and the capacity, the OCZ logo is included on the SSD but they don’t push it right in your face as well.

image 1

Around on the back they do something you just never see anyone doing with SSDs, they actually put real specifications and performance numbers right there for you to check out. Most companies avoid this to use the packaging on more drives, OCZ just included the performance numbers of all of the capacities. Over on the right side there is a small quote about the drive repeated in 12 different languages taking up the rest of the room.

image 2

Inside you get a small stack of documents. One is just a note to return the drive to OCZ not to the store. The second is installation instructions for the free copy of Acronis True Image HD. Most companies are starting to include this with their drives but I can’t stress how nice it is that they do. You can’t find free cloning software online without dealing with software that won’t work or won’t work quickly. It might seem like a small thing but hang on to the software, it will come in handy in the future. You also get an installation manual. In the past the OCZ drives all came in a foam tray but they have changed that up slightly to a clamshell plastic tray. Inside you have the drive as well as a set of screws to mount the drive into the included 3.5 to 2.5 inch adapter. The tray is shaped in a way that the adapter snaps right onto it locking into place.

image 3

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Happy Friday everyone. Today I take a look at the latest SSD from OCZ. Enjoy

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