Well, I wish I could say there was a lot to talk about here but the Ignite M2 comes in a tiny little package, similar to what you would find a flash drive in. It was so small that I nearly missed it in the box even! On the cover Patriot stuck with their standard blue, I was actually a little surprised they didn’t use the same red theme here as they did with the original Ignite SSD. The Drive itself is completely visible in a bubble packaging. Up top you have the Patriot logo along with the Ignite M2 logo. To the right of that we have the details, this is a 480GB drive that is running on SATA 3 but connects via the M.2 connection.

image 1

On the back we have a little more information. For starters they have listed a small feature and specification listing. Here we see exactly what form factor the M.2 drive is (a 2280 M.2) and we also see notes about the End to End Data Path Protection. This is a clue that this drive uses the same S10 controller that the normal Ignite uses. Those same features and specifications are repeated multiple times in different languages. Obviously there wasn’t anything to detailed because this packaging can work with the different capacities of the drive and those specifications change. Down at the bottom are links to Patriots Facebook and Twitter and they even included addresses for their different locations, email addresses for sales, and phone numbers. They did also slip the 3 Year Warranty logo down here as well.

image 2


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36655 13 May 2015 21:05
Hey everyone, today I take a look at a SATA based M.2 drive from Patriot. The Patriot Ignite M2, enjoy!

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