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When the OC Vector came in, I was excited to see an SSD that seemed to break from the mold from OCZ. But honestly, I was focusing more on the drives aesthetics than anything. When I opened up the Vector I saw that this is really the heart of this drive and what makes the Vector so special. You can see that OCZ wanted to showcase their first FULLY in house design to be perfect. So the question is, how did OCZ do? I was extremely impressed with the Vector’s performance in almost every test that I through at it. The Vector performed right up with the Samsung 830 in every benchmark proving that OCZ still has what it takes to be competitive in the SSD market. Because of that I had nothing bad to say about the Vector at all. Normally with an OCZ drive I would nip pick at their bland black box design but with the Vector they went outside of the box, literally, with a design that really catches your eye. OCZ has priced the Vector right where it should be as well, it back be found just slightly higher than all of the other 256 gig SSD’s on the market but with its performance that seems to be a fair price point. If you are on the market for one of the best drives on the market the OCZ Vector should be right at the top of your list for your next build.


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Today we finally take a look at the OCZ Vector

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