So the eufy brand is a sub-brand of Anker that handles their smart home devices and the eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual that we have here today is part of their security lineup which covers a wide range of security cameras, security systems, and of course doorbell cameras as well. The Video Doorbell Dual has a picture of the doorbell on the front of the box along with the homebase that is included with it, both are larger than in the picture of course. The eufy Security brand is in the top left corner along with the Anker logo as well and they highlight its biggest selling point with a badge in the top right corner letting you know there are no monthly fees. In the bottom left corner, they do also mention the false alarm reduction and that it can recognize your family as well as the 6-month battery life. The Video Doorbell Dual is available as a wired model and a battery model and this is the battery model which is only really indicated in the bottom right corner with the small text that says Video Doorbell Dual (Battery).

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The side of the box lets you know some of the things you can do using the smartphone app along with the Video Doorbell Dual like two-way audio, ai recognition, instant notifications, and dual motion detection tech to reduce false alarms. Then the back of the box shows what you can do by using eufy Security all-around your home and they list off more important features with each having a description as well. The Video Doorbell Dual has a LOT going on and eufy does a good job of getting most of it on the box so you can see it when shopping.

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The outside cover of the box pulls off and you have a blue box which then the front lifts up and off where you can find the Video Doorbell Dual and the Homebase 2 right up on top each in their own formed hole. Once you take those out and the tray that holds them there are two cardboard panels with shield-shaped holes that lift off to house all of the accessories and documentation.

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For documentation, the Video Doorbell Dual comes with a quick start guide that is specific to the battery-powered model. You have a stick-on installation templet which can help you predrill your mounting holes. You have a shield shaped sticker that lets people know there is 24/7 monitoring and a card with the support information which is also in the shape of a shield as well.

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In addition to the doorbell and the homebase, there is a pile of other things. You have the mounting base for the doorbell which does let you know which side is up and you also have an angle adapter for use if you want to turn the doorbell which turns the mount 15 degrees.

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There are two small baggies which both have clear labels on them. One gets you tiny wires for installing your doorbell wiring for charging, those include wingnuts as well. Then the other bag has two sets of screws of different lengths each set gets you three screws which gets you an extra screw and they also have plastic mortar mounts as well. There is a metal pin that looks like a sim card tool but is much larger. This is metal and in the shield shape with the eufy e on it and on the back it has a magnet. This is the tool you need to remove the Video Doorbell Dual from the mount when you need to charge it. Then for cables, the Video Doorbell Dual comes with a power wart AC to DC charger for the Homebase 2 and a network cable which is bright white and flat which is also for the Homebase 2. Then a USB cable with a normal Type-A connection on one end and a micro-USB plug on the other for charging the Video Doorbell Dual.

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