Overall and Final Verdict

At the end of the day, the eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual has been a great addition to our security and doorbell needs. The main 2K camera itself is more than enough to make for a great video doorbell and it has a nice wide field of view that captures anything going on nearby, but the Video Doorbell Dual pairs that up with a second camera faced down so you can keep an eye out on packages. For a lot of people, I think that keeping an eye out for and on deliveries is a huge reason for upgrading to a video doorbell and eufy is ahead of the game with the Video Doorbell Dual by having both cameras. Both have great video quality and the app makes viewing them both at the same time natural as well. The Video Doorbell Dual also has dual motion sensors with an infrared sensor for picking up body heat and radar as well which when combined has led to no false alarms in my testing. Pairing the homebase 2 up with the Video Doorbell Dual for the battery version also means that you have local storage inside of your house for the clips that are recorded, this means no monthly fees for cloud storage, and your files aren’t stored on someone else’s server. Being the battery model, installing the Video Doorbell Dual was extremely easy as well.

There is always some room for improvement and for the Video Doorbell Dual there were a few small things that I would love to see. Because it is battery powered you will need to charge it every 3-6 months. I wouldn’t mind seeing that charging port be a Type-C in the future simply because most people at this point will have Type-C chargers readily available. Eufy does provide a Micro-USB cable for charging, but months from now I know I’m going to have to dig around to find it. I would also love to see the chime options with the homebase 2 be expanded, we weren’t a fan of any of the options but more options could help with that and offer more to change between. They do have one Christmas chime, but other holiday chimes to go with that could be nice as well. Being able to upload your own would be the best option. I may be part of just a small group that is looking for this, but I would love to see ONVIF support for the cameras that would allow the camera feeds to be tied into other IP camera security systems so you can have everything all together. Eufy does include RTSP support with some of their wired cameras so there is the possibility and I completely get that being battery powered a constant feed would use the battery up quickly but for those who end up hooking the Video Doorbell Dual into their doorbell wiring for charging or for the wired model would be nice. I can’t forget to mention as well the overall size of the Video Doorbell Dual which just barely fits on our doorbell mounting pad and is larger than even the battery-powered Nest, but eufy did pack in two cameras and mode features. I would also love to see replaceable covers or color options to give you a way to match the Video Doorbell Dual with your house.

The eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual is also going to hit your pocketbook with its MSRP of $259.99. This puts it up in the highest range of video doorbells with the Ring Doorbell 4 right now running $219 for the doorbell only or $269 when paired with its chime and $259 for the Ring Pro 2. The Nest Doorbell  Battery which I have compared the Video Doorbell Dual to a lot is lower at $179 but only the Ring 4 is offering a similar 2K camera like the eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual, but the Video Doorbell Dual gets you two cameras and the homebase 2 which gives you local storage and a chime. So while expensive, the Video Doorbell Dual is priced with the competition and is offering more at that same price.


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