The packaging for the Dark Power 13 would surprise no one who has had a be quiet! power supply or any other product really. They stuck with the same styling that be quiet! has always used. That means a black background with the only color being the white and orange be quiet! logo in the top left corner. The left edge has a silver stripe going up it that has high-end on it letting us know the Dark Power 13 is their high-end model and the white font used for the model name down at the bottom of the box which is the largest font. The wattage is with that as well. They did also slip in the 80 Plus Titanium badge along with a badge showing this has PCIe 5.0 support. Most importantly right in the middle of the box is a picture of the Dark Power 13 which takes up most of the front. The back of the box is black as well and does have the UPC and the serial number on it as well as the wattage. Beyond that, there is a short section about be quiet! and a basic breakdown of the power output. A few extra things could be helpful for anyone shopping in retail like the power supplies dimensions and a breakdown of all of the connections which be quiet! has on their website but not on the box. 

image 1

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Inside the box, right up on top be quiet! has the documentation. Then below that everything is split up into two halves. On the left is a box with all of the cables and accessories. On the right, the power supply Is packed away in between two thick foam panels. Each cutout fits the Dark Power 13 perfectly. They also slipped in a desiccant packet just in case any moisture ends up inside.

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For documentation the Dark Power 13 850 watt comes with just one thing, its user manual. The manual covers all three wattages and does have a picture of the power supply on the cover as well.

image 5

Rather than the traditional bag, all of the modular cables for the Dark Power 13 and other accessories come in a heavy-duty box with a similar setup to a shoe box. It’s blacked out of course because everything be quiet does is and they have the be quiet! branding and the Dark Power 13 model name on the top of the box. I like having the model name on the box which makes it easier to know what power supply the cables are for in the future if you have multiple computers.

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