be quiet Dark Power 13 850W

16 Mar 2023 09:02 #38947 by garfi3ld
Product Name: be quiet Dark Power 13 850W

With Nvidia’s latest generation of cards all having the new 12VHPWR connection (at least with the Founders Editions), it didn’t take long for power supply companies to follow suit with Intel’s new ATX 3.0 standard which adds the new cable into the mix. This also means that we are seeing a lot of new power supplies hitting the market as most companies have been adding ATX 3.0 into their product stack and be quiet is no different. Their first generation of ATX 3.0 power supplies is the Dark Power 13 lineup and they have sent their 850-watt model over. Today I’m going to check out what features they have included, be quiet power supplies have been quality units for a long time now and I’m excited to see what they have done to put their spin on things with the Dark Power 13 so let’s dive in.



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