The box for the ION SFX 650G looks like any other SFX power supply in size and shape. Most of the box is done up in black but the front goes the other direction with a bright white background. This makes it really easy to see the HUGE picture of the ION right on the front in larger than life-size. Sticking with the normal Fractal Design, simple is better theme the front just has the Fractal Design logo and then next to it the ION SFX 650G name and below that, in a small font, they mention that it is a 650-watt SFX-L PSU with modular cables. On the side of the box you can see the black look, they included a breakdown of the power output here along with a line drawing of the PSU with dimensions and line drawings of each of the connection types with quantities and names under them. Then around on the back, we are back to bright white again. The back features the 80 Plus Gold badge and the PSUs 10 year warranty with huge logos. Then from there, they break down some of the key features with short descriptions as well as a graph that shows the fan profile which doesn’t turn on until around 330/340 watts and it ramps up from there running at 1900 RPM at peak power. There are also three more pictures of the ION that show the sides and the connection side.

image 1

image 2

image 3

Inside you will find the documentation right up on top along with a plastic bag with the screws, zip ties, and an SFX adapter altogether. Then under that, the PSU itself comes in a foam cocoon. When you pull the foam off you will find the ION also comes in a custom made microfiber cover that is held on with Velcro. The modular cables also come in their own microfiber bag as well. I wouldn’t normally consider the cable bag to be a big deal, but the last few PSUs that I have had come in haven’t come with a bag anymore and it is always a pain when you don’t have a bag to store any extra cables for a modular power supply so proper to Fractal Design for not following that trend.

image 4

image 5

The microfiber cover for the PSU also has a nice note, thanking you for choosing Fractal Design when you open it up which was a nice touch!

image 6


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