The XTR 650’s box has a zoomed in photo of the fan grill on the PSU on the front. There is also a smaller image that shows off the full modular cables as well. Together they do a good job of showing what the XTR is all about without overloading you with too much. Beyond that there are a few notes up along that top that show that this power supply supports Haswell CPUs, SLI and Crossfire, and has its 80 Plus Gold certification. On the back there is a photo that shows the entire power supply this time around. Along with that they have a few short sections talking about the power supplies efficiency and that XFX tests their power supplies at 50 degrees Celsius rather than the 24 degrees that some manufactures test at. This means you should get the rated wattage or more under normal conditions.

image 1

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Inside when you open up the box you will find another box right on top with the XFX Pro Series logo on it. This box contains all of your modular cables as well as a small pack of screws for mounting the XTR. With this being a black PSU I would have preferred if the included screws were black as well, but it’s only a small complaint. For documentation XFX did include a small user manual as well. Under the cables the power supply is in a bubble wrap bag and then placed inside of heavy foam padding to keep it safe. On the end of the box, under the foam there is a small compartment where you will find the heavy gauge power cable for the XTR.

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