Overall and Final Verdict

With testing out of the way we can step back and check out the FURY Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition kit overall and its pros and cons. Just about anything you can think of as far as memory features and styling has most likely been done before and the FURY Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition kit isn’t any different there. There are lots of white kits with RGB lighting but it's good to see Kingston have those options in their FURY lineup. More importantly, the FURY Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition kit looks great, Kingston avoided going overboard with accents, and what you end up with is a surprisingly clean and good-looking kit. The simple wave shape on top looks good and the RGB lighting with the thick diffusers across the top looks great and doesn’t have any hot spots where individual LEDs are visible when lit up. Kingston does have software to control the lighting but they also support all of the standard motherboard lighting software which is normally the easiest way to link all of your lighting together.

Kingston didn’t include some of the higher clock speeds that people might want for their gaming memory, but with 3200 MHz and 3600 Mhz options, they hit the most popular while also being budget friendly as well. With that, they have a variety of capacity options and CAS latencies as well. Ironically I like the simple shape and styling of this special edition kit a lot more than the standard FURY Beast design and with that being different it does mean that there isn’t a black option available which is a bummer. As for pricing, the MSRP of the 32GB 3600 MHz kit that I tested is $127.99 but you can find them for $99.99 at BHPhotovideo but Amazon’s pricing is way too high right now. Even at the $99.99 price point, there is a lot of competition with similarly featured memory kits but that would be cheaper than kits from Corsair for example which would be FURY's direct competition. All of that said, the FURY Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition memory may be one of the last DDR4 kits we see come from FURY but if it is any indication of the styling that we will see from them in the future I am excited.


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