Late October I was at FortCon for their LAN event and I won a SilverStone FG121. I know the name doesn’t really explain what it is, but basically, it is a clear fan grill with RGB lighting built into it. The grills have SilverStone's snowflake design and this brought up the discussion with how it actually looks like an ornament. Well, one thing leads to another and not long after the event I reached out to SilverStone with a weird idea turning our new Christmas tree into an RGB tree with their grills. The idea is relatively simple, but there were a few things I had to figure out. So today I’m going to show what I did, maybe if you have one or two laying around or other RGB products you can take my idea to another level.

Article Name: SilverStone RGB fan grills, Christmas decorations?

Products Used: SilverStone FG141 and FG121

Samples provided by: SilverStone

Written by: Wes Compton

Pictures by: Wes Compton

Amazon Affiliate Links: SilverStone FG141 and SilverStone FG121


A look at the FG121 and FG141

So SilverStone sent over 5 Fg121 and 5 FG141 for a total of 10 RGB fan grills for the project. Our tree is going into the corner so I didn’t need too many to get good coverage on it. The model names just designate the 120mm and 140mm sizes, they are the same other than that. The packaging is simple with a printed cardboard backer and a formed plastic front that holds everything. This also means the grill is completely visible from the front, short of it lighting up in its RGB colors while in the packaging you can’t really get a much better look. Even for that, they do have example colors down on the bottom. They did the same on the back of the box with7 different colors lined up next to each other. There is also a small specifications section on the back as well that covers everything about the grills.

image 9

image 10

image 11

So this is what comes in the packaging and I must admit it was even less than I expected. You get the grill in the 120mm or 140mm size depending on which you picked up. That has the cord attached with two connections on it, both female. One is the normal RGB female connection and then the other is also four pin but is a specific connection that SilverStone uses on their RGB products. Then there is a small baggy with fan screws, being more specific they are longer than normal fan screws to help with the extra thickness.

image 12

Like I said before, the two different sizes really are no different. The 140mm is just scaled up slightly. The logo in the middle is the same size on both but the 140mm is thicker around the logo and each of the snowflake legs? Is just a little longer to make up the difference.

image 14

You can’t see the RGB lighting from the front because the plastic is a little hazy but from the back of the grill, you can see it. It looks like a normal RGB strip only thinner and the distance between LEDs is shorter as well.

image 13

Speaking of the LEDs, when doing my initial testing here was a look at the basic red, green, and blue lighting. You can see how bright it is around the outside edge, when using as a fan grill it lights up the fan blades really well.

image 17

image 18

image 19


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