Once we got everything unpacked it was time to get everything set up. We did the obvious, in sending power to the router, and then hooked up our computer via an Ethernet cable. We did not set the router up with a connection to the internet for the purpose of our testing so setup was rather simple.  Once the router was connected to the computer the rest of setup went relatively smoothly. We opened our browser and directed it to http://wdrouter, if that url doesn’t work, you also have the option of directing it to the more commonly used address, either one will bring you to the same place.

MyNet AC1300_11


MyNet AC1300_12        

MyNet AC1300_13


MyNet AC1300_14


Once inside of the routers GUI it is time to start customizing settings to suit individual needs. For our personal needs we just set up a wireless network and placed a password on it to keep any unwanted intruders off of the network, especially for testing purposes. The router also came with a CD that I can only assume helps with the set up process, but is certainly unneeded as I did not use it for anything.

MyNet AC1300_21


MyNet AC1300_22


MyNet AC1300_23


MyNet AC1300_15


MyNet AC1300_16


MyNet AC1300_18

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