When it comes to enthusiasts we put a lot of thought into the parts we put in our PC, but don’t often think about what connects us to the internet. Most people will grab any old router from a brick and mortar store that suits their needs. I feel that more information should be acquired, especially for something that is only purchased once in a blue moon. Will the router suit my needs? Will it suit my needs long term?  Will it continue to hold up as the technology improves? All of these questions and more will be considered while looking at the Western Digital My Net AC 1300.

Product Name: My Net AC 1300

Review Sample Provided By: Western Digital

Written By: Brennon

Pictures By: Brennon



Gigabit Ethernet


IEEE 802.11 ac/n/g/b/a

Wireless Speeds

Dual-Band 450 + 1300

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