The first item that you will notice about both of the glasses is the style. The Gamers Edge glasses look more like hunting glasses or safety glasses. With a nice yellow tint to them it actually enhances your gameplay experience. Overall they look very brawny with a design that say’s “Look at me, I’m wearing gaming glasses”, on a side note they do sell these in straight black which I prefer. On the iVisionwear side it’s a bit different. These come off more as a reading glasses style to me. They are very understated and feel great. They are very light and after a couple of minutes I forgot that I was even wearing them. They also have a nice “tint” to them and actually improve the focus of your screen. More on the focus later.

Image 102

Image 141

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Wingless92's Avatar
Wingless92 replied the topic: #21343 02 Dec 2011 22:47
A good entry level starting point for gaming glasses.
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Dreyvas replied the topic: #21346 03 Dec 2011 00:33
I was not aware these existed. Started reading the article thinking they were 3D or something. So basically they're f.lux in glasses form?

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