titleYou’ve seen “Gaming Glasses” before advertised around LAN party’s for the last few years but are they really worth it? We took a look at a pair of Gunners a while back HERE. The Gamers Edge and iVisionwear glasses are a cheaper alternative to your more expensive glasses. With many different configurations and style’s, they might just be what your looking for to gain that little edge that you need at your next LAN or gaming session. With two samples in for review we should be able to get a good idea of how well the lower priced Gamers Edge and iVisionwear glasses perform. 

Product Name: Gamers Edge, IVisionwear
Review Sample Provided By: Vision Concepts International
Written By: Skyler
Pictures By: Skyler


The packaging of the glasses was top notch. Both sets of glasses arrived in nice quality packaging. This is key because the last thing you want is to pull your new glasses out of the box and find scratches all over them. The included carrying bag will make you forget about knocking these around. Instead of just chucking them in your LAN bag, you can carry them in the sleeve while travelling between LAN’s. No matter what version you choose you will receive the carrying sleeve, which is a nice touch. The Gamers Edge glasses just scream "Look at me", while the iVisionwear glasses look more refined. 

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Image 72

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Wingless92's Avatar
Wingless92 replied the topic: #21343 02 Dec 2011 22:47
A good entry level starting point for gaming glasses.
Dreyvas's Avatar
Dreyvas replied the topic: #21346 03 Dec 2011 00:33
I was not aware these existed. Started reading the article thinking they were 3D or something. So basically they're f.lux in glasses form? stereopsis.com/flux/

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