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No surprises here, the Crosshair V came in a standard ROG themed box. The cover has some of the ROG artwork along with the product name and then some of the small badges from AMD and some of the other board features. The front opens up to show a full sized window that gives you full view of the board inside of the box. Also behind the front panel is a little more information about the SupremeFX III sound card, Digi+ II power circuitry, as well as some of the software included. The back of the box has a few small photos of key features as well as the software. Below that most of the back is taken up by a full specification listing. Asus even included a line drawing of the rear I/O panel with color accents. I love having this stuff on the packaging because when you shop in the store it is nice to know what you are getting without having to stop and research everything online before buying it.

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When you open up the packaging there are two boxes inside. The first has the motherboard in it and the second is packed full of accessories, software, and documentation.

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For accessories we get a total of six black SATA cables, half of those have right angles connections on one end. Asus included one of their Q connectors that make hooking up your front panel connections much easier by letting you do it all out in the open then plug one plug in. You also an ROG Connect cable for hooking up and overclocking remotely. Asus made sure to include a normal SLI bridge as well as a triple SLI bridge, both in black with the ROG logo on them. Even nicer, they also included a black ROG crossfire bridge, typically these only come with video cards and most manufactures only include the ugly bronze colored version. Lastly you get a black rear I/O panel. The I/O panel has the nice foam backing rather than metal springs that get caught on all of your ports when installing you motherboard.

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For documentation you get a full user guide to help with any questions on installation or setup. For the gamers still living at home you get a do not disturb door hanger. Then you get a sheet of SATA labels as well as the software/driver disc. Also slipped in with the disc is a small ROG case badge as well.

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Today I show a little AMD love and check out an AM3+ board from Asus. Its not exactly a spring chicken, but how does it compare to today's latest and greatest? Lets find out!

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