Running the Crosshair through our network benchmark tests I did run into a bit of an issue but something I have seen before in the past. When testing using the normal switch that we use in the office (a Trendnet TEG-S24Dg) I ran into slowdowns. I have seen this on a few other boards previously using the same Intel 82574L NIC run into this same issue. Having that history I knew right away to give a few other switches a try and not surprisingly the Crosshair performed perfectly. I point it out because if by chance you do run the Trendnet switch you should keep it in mind, but beyond that I would consider the 876.8 to be the actual result.


Average Network Speed

Asrock Fatal1ty 990FX Professional


Asus Crosshair V Forumula-Z

473.4 on the Trendnet switch 876.8 otherwise


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35997 19 Dec 2014 16:14
Today I show a little AMD love and check out an AM3+ board from Asus. Its not exactly a spring chicken, but how does it compare to today's latest and greatest? Lets find out!

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