The box for the A668N-5000 reflects the small Mini-ITX size of the motherboard and has the same styling as past Biostar boards. The cover is mostly covered in small badges that show various board features as well as the required badges from AMD. The box is white with red trim along the sides and also in the product name. Around on the back of the packaging Biostar has broken down a few of the boards key features, a few that stand out is he ESD protection and moisture proof areas. What the packaging does lack though is a photo of the board itself. Without digging into the box I would prefer to be able to see what I’m buying in some shape or form. Getting an easier to see picture or drawing of the rear I/O would also be nice as well as a small specification listing.

image 1

image 2

When you get inside you have the board wrapped up in a static protective bag along with its accessories. Being a budget board they don’t bundle much along with it. You do get a user guide and a dirver disc for documentation. Beyond that you get two SATA cables for the boards to SATA ports. Then of course you get a rear I/O panel. The panel is as basic as they come being all silver with no color coding for connections or anything like that.

image 5

image 3

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35894 21 Nov 2014 17:28
Before we hit the weekend I take a look at a budget Mini-ITX board from Biostar that has a build in AMD APU. If you are looking to put together a basic PC, HTPC, or a small home server you might want to take a look!

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