Being an overclock focused motherboard I have high expectations going on. I went about testing two different ways. First I wanted to see what I would get using MSIs automatic overclocking aka OC Genie. After that I went back in and manually overclocked to see what my relatively bad overclocking skills would get us. So my baseline came from the other two boards I tested using the same RAM/CPU. The Asus board gave an impressive 4.7 GHz using their auto overclocking. On both the Asus and EVGA boards I was able to get just beyond that with a 4.85 on the EVGA being the highest. So how did overclocking go on the MSI X99S MPower? Well using the OCGenie was a little disappointing, I went in hoping to see something close to what Asus did but I came out with an overclock of 3.7. This was a full 1 GHz less than Asus and a bump of just .2 over the standard Intel turbo speed. If you go into the MPower expecting to get a big auto overclock you aren’t going to get much.

On the other hand, when I manually overclocked I was able to completely match the same 4.85 GHz that I saw on the EVGA. This is all on air even! Better cooling and a better person overclocking would obviously make a big difference, but given the level playing ground I was happy to see the MSI match the competition.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35890 19 Nov 2014 19:48
Today I take a look at another X99 motherboard, this time something with a little lower price point compared to the other boards I have tested.

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