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The packaging for the MSI X99S MPower is a lot like the MPower motherboards. It has a black and yellow them, a large M on it, and an otherwise clean look. Really main big difference is that the yellow on the packaging is a metallic finish where the motherboards have a flat yellow. It isn’t until you flip everything over that you really find out anything about the board other that the name. The back of the box has a specification listing, a line diagram of the rear I/O panel and multiple photos of both the board and also key features. Each feature has a short explanation of what it is as well. Lastly there is a small section in the bottom right corner with a few different icons of other features like SLI and Crossfire support.

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Once you pull the motherboard and its cardboard tray out you will find a treasure cove of accessories and documentation. For documentation you get a whole pile of things. For starters you get a user guide for both the board and also another for the software. There is a fold out poster, door hander, and even a sheet of SATA cables. You of course also get a driver/software disc as well. I really like the new case badge design that included as well, it is a metal badge with the MSI OC logo.

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For accessories they included two flexible black SLI bridges, and also a small bag with helpers for the front panel connections. You also get a total of six black SATA cables, half with a right angled connector on one end. The rear I/O panel cover continues the black and yellow theme and even has the OC logo on it as well as yellow labeling. The I/O cover uses a foam backing to keep things snug, this is always welcomed over those frustrating metal springs.

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Today I take a look at another X99 motherboard, this time something with a little lower price point compared to the other boards I have tested.

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