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With the one exception being the Anker 727 Charging Station that I tested previously, Ankers charging options have been my go-to for recommendations and for my own use. Especially with their GaNPrime lineup adding in much higher wattages opening up their charges to not only fast-charging phones and other devices but also laptops with USB Type-C power connections. The 733 Power Bank is no different in that aspect with its 65-watt capabilities, it had no trouble when plugged in charging anything I plugged in including my laptop. That in itself is great, but where the 733 stands out is that it also combines a portable power bank into its design. So you can use it to charge all of your devices and at the same time just being plugged in will keep the built-in 10,000 mAh battery will stay charged. For me, that is the big feature because I’m the worst when it comes to keeping any battery-powered device charged up. I was reminded of this when we had a day-long power outage and after letting both of my UPSs discharge thinking it would be a quick power outage I was left with a nearly dead phone, laptop, completely dead drone, and a battery power bank that was also dead. Thankfully I did have my car to charge things back up, but if I had the 733 Power Bank in the mix as a charger I wouldn’t have had to worry about that, at least for my phone.

That last distinction is important though because while the Anker 733 has been great it does have a few big limitations that when it comes to on battery usage it isn’t ideal for laptop use. When running unplugged and on battery power, there are big limitations on the wattage it can output, specifically 30 watts to one device, or when using more than one device you are limited to 15 watts in total. That is fine for charging a phone or two at the same time but won’t be enough to power a laptop. The other big one is its 10,000 mAh capacity which is enough to get two or three full charges on a phone but isn’t enough for one charge on a lot of laptops. None of that is too big of a deal as long as you know it going in and for me, it’s still perfect. I can use it to charge my laptop when needed but when the power is out or if you are traveling I only really care about keeping my phone or potentially a gaming device like the switch charged and the 733 can handle those.

For pricing, none of the higher wattage capable USB adapters are cheap and the Anker 733 Power Bank is no exception there. The 733 Power Bank has an MSRP of $99.99. For comparison, the Anker 735 Charger which has the same three-port layout and 65-watt capacity has an MSRP of $59.99 (but is on sale for a great deal of 438.41 right now, check it out!)  and you get the 10,000 mAh battery pack on top of that. The 733, like the 735 is also on sale right now as well on Amazon where you can get $30 off with a coupon. Which with the coupon makes this a good pickup for anyone who might need a charger and battery pack for traveling or like me for a little protection from power outages.



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