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The packaging for the 733 Power bank has the same dark grey to white fade that other Anker GaNPrime lineup products have had. This features a picture of the charger and battery combo in the middle with the model name right below the picture. Up top, you have the Anker model name and the series number which just lets us know where this fits in the Anker lineup. Down at the bottom, they let you know that Apple and Samsung devices are both supported which is good and it tells you that this is a 2 in 1 charger and power bank with a battery capacity of 10,000mAh and it uses Ankers PowerIQ 3.0 tech for the charger. The back has the GaNPrime branding again which also breaks down what makes it a GaNPrime device. As the name indicates the charger uses gallium nitride rather than silicon on both the AC and DC sides which improves efficiency, the stacked design keeps things compact, Active Shield 2.0 monitors temperatures to keep things safe, and then PowerIQ handles power distribution and support for fast charging on devices.

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When you open the box up the 733 comes sitting right up on top in a formed tray keeping it from moving around. Then under that tray, they have the accessories and documentation.

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So like with other Anker battery packs the 733 comes with a nice carrying pouch and a USB cable as well. But I did find this interesting because this isn’t like a standard battery pack that would be packed up most of the time and it has its own built-in AC/DC charger so the Type-C cable may seem like an unusual one but there is a reason they included it that I will cover. Plus you can never have too many Type-C cables around so I won’t complain. For documentation, everything comes in a small plastic pouch. You get a quick start guide and then a second small booklet with legal warnings in it.

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The 733 Power Bank does follow the same styling that other GaNPrime products have had as well with its black finish and dark grey accents. This includes the Anker branding which is in black or a dark grey on the grey and the GaNPrime branding which is black on black. In the past, most Anker products have been white but with this look and with some lineups they have colors as well that have changed. The 733 looks great though.

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The front of the Power Bank has the three USB plugs down in the bottom half. There are two Type-C connections at the top and then one Type-A at the bottom. With new phones and a lot of laptops and other devices using Type-C this configuration makes sense and having the Type-A still is nice because you never know what you might need to plug in. The top plug is listed as C1 and has a laptop icon to let you know that this is the one they would prefer you to use for your higher-wattage laptop charging. PowerIQ will favor this port when charging. This is also an in and out port which surprised me, using the included Type-C cable you can charge the power bank built into the 733 through this port if for some reason you don’t have a power outlet around. The second Type-C plug is just an out and the Type-A below that doesn’t say. Then up top the 733 has just one button. This has four pinhole LEDs built in to show the charging status. This also can activate trickle charge mode for charging earbuds and other small devices. This lowers the charging speed down to 7 watts and also disabled the auto-off which will prevent these small devices from getting a charge above 80%.

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The Anker 733 Power Bank is 4.36 inches tall, 2.48 inches from the front to the back, and 1.22 inch thick, or if you prefer 110.8 mm tall, 63 mm wide, and 31 mm thick. Beyond the branding on the sides, there isn’t anything going on there at all but the back does have a few things. This is where Anker has hidden all of the model information and the required certification logos. It is also where the 733 can plug in. The back has a two prong flip out plug for AC power which only works for the US, any other plug design wouldn’t be as compact. This flip-out design is what makes this a 2 in 1 design, the 733 is a battery bank or pack but it is also your standard GaNPrime 65-watt capable AC to DC USB charger.

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