Overall and Final Verdict

The worst part about putting two phones like the MotoX 2014 and the Droid Turbo against each other is they really are both great phones. Both phones share a LOT but the biggest thing to remember is both phones give you as close to a pure Android experience that you will get without buying a Nexus device. What does that mean? Well both phones skip out on skins and software that make upgrading in the future harder. It isn’t a pure experience because you still do get all of the software that the Verizon installs and the Turbo also has a few Droid brand specific things as well.

So in the end it is nearly all about the hardware. While the MotoX performed extremely well, in most of our benchmarks the Droid Turbo did pull away with its faster CPU and GPU. Ironically, the biggest hardware difference between the two phones was the Turbo’s high capacity battery but the MotoX’s last minute upgrade to Android 5.0 managed to give enough of a boost in battery performance to put up numbers very close to the Turbo. That said, next month with the Turbo gets 5.0 it should perform even better in battery life. Where the MotoX did perform better was in most of the camera testing, the Turbo’s higher megapixel camera didn’t translate to better photographs in 3 out of our 4 tests.

Aesthetically they are both great looking phones. The Droid Turbo does have a little more beef to it with its larger battery though. The MotoX also has the advantage of allowing full customization. I mean how many other phones will let you order any trim color, back panel, and even etch your name or a quote onto the back.

So to figure out what phone I prefer I had to ask myself two questions. What phone would I buy if I were shopping for a new phone right now? Also what phone did I use more when I had both on me while testing. If I were buying a new phone right now I would go with the Droid Turbo without a question. I love its performance and the large battery capacity is extremely important to me. What phone did I use the most? LOL Well that was the MotoX, beyond wanting to toy with 5.0 more I also found it a little easier to hold in hand. But picking the MotoX was easy to do when I knew I had the Turbo right there with its rock solid battery life. In the end the Droid Turbo > the MotoX 2014 by a small margin.



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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35973 12 Dec 2014 18:45
Well its Friday again, we all made it another week. Today I take a look at two of the latest and greatest Android phones to see how they compare to each other. Enjoy the review and have a great weekend!
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Deb0 replied the topic: #35975 13 Dec 2014 12:55
The biggest drawback for me on the Turbo was no SD card expansion. I ended up getting the 64gb version and have curbed my music hoarding. I'll put some photos of mine up in a later post.

One thing of note that I think you went over quickly was the larger charger the Turbo comes with. This is actually a power supply in addition to being a USB-AC adapter (which make it larger) This, of course increases its amp output substantially and charges things even faster than a 3.0 SuperSpeed port would (0-full charge on my tablet in about 20mins, 0-full charge on the turbo in about 40mins.) Sure it may not consolidate on size but it is an amazing addition to the retail package as the charger sold separately retails for $35.
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Deb0 replied the topic: #35976 15 Dec 2014 02:18
As promised: imgur.com/a/XxO68

The weave looks very nice in my opinion and, as you can see, unlike the 32gb version there is a lack of the obnoxious Verizon V branding on the back giving the phone an overall sleeker appearance.

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