Testing the camera performance on phones can be sometimes subjective. To cut that down as much as possible I try to take the same exact pictures when possible to compare both phones in different potential situations. To start things off I went outside and took a holiday photo from nearby. Because I was outside I made sure to hold the cameras and take the picture at the exact same time because lighting can change quickly. Sadly when I did this I didn’t get the pictures spot on, but close enough. Both cameras automatically went to HDR mode. Both photos look great, the only issue I saw at all was a slight yellow tint to the Turbo’s photo in both the beard and on the white house in the background.

Outside MotoX

camera inside motox

Outside Turbo

camera outside turbo

Next I went inside and because I couldn’t catch a cat to get a photo of I took a picture of two mice on my desk. Both pictures came out clear with good color, the MotoX did pick up on the texture of the mouse pad a little better so I would give this test to the MotoX again.

Inside MotoX

camera inside motox

Inside Turbo

camera inside turbo

Next I took a picture of a miniature quad copter sitting in our normal photo area with two studio lights on. With both I was a little surprised at how grey the white background looked compared to the photos our full sized camera is capable, but this is to be expected with a smaller sized sensor like what you get on a camera phone. The Turbo’s focus is a touch off giving the MotoX the edge here.

With Lighting MotoX

camera wlight motox

With Lighting Turbo

camera wlight turbo

Next I took the same picture but with the lighting turned off. This was actually taken at about 5:30 during the day so it was still light out but slightly overcast but the pictures look like it is dark out. The Turbo took a better photo here, its blacks are more black where the MotoX looks great and the Turbo’s photo looks crisper.

Without Lighting MotoX

camera wolight motox

Without Lighting Turbo

camera wolight turbo

At the end of the day it really depends on your intended use but overall the MotoX took better photos. When it came to video they both performed well and are capable of recording in 4k and 720p slow motion, both are awesome features. 


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35973 12 Dec 2014 18:45
Well its Friday again, we all made it another week. Today I take a look at two of the latest and greatest Android phones to see how they compare to each other. Enjoy the review and have a great weekend!
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Deb0 replied the topic: #35975 13 Dec 2014 12:55
The biggest drawback for me on the Turbo was no SD card expansion. I ended up getting the 64gb version and have curbed my music hoarding. I'll put some photos of mine up in a later post.

One thing of note that I think you went over quickly was the larger charger the Turbo comes with. This is actually a power supply in addition to being a USB-AC adapter (which make it larger) This, of course increases its amp output substantially and charges things even faster than a 3.0 SuperSpeed port would (0-full charge on my tablet in about 20mins, 0-full charge on the turbo in about 40mins.) Sure it may not consolidate on size but it is an amazing addition to the retail package as the charger sold separately retails for $35.
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Deb0 replied the topic: #35976 15 Dec 2014 02:18
As promised:

The weave looks very nice in my opinion and, as you can see, unlike the 32gb version there is a lack of the obnoxious Verizon V branding on the back giving the phone an overall sleeker appearance.

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