titleBeing in the dead of winter it might be a good idea to take a look at your winter wear. Going over your items now will save your butt from freezing outside when the temps really start to drop. With mobile getting bigger and taking more of our lives every day we need to access them at any time, day, night, cold, hot. Whatever the weather might be we rely on our phones so much these days that they are a part of our lives. That being said, what about when it’s really cold outside? Say 0 degrees? You still need access to your phone. NewerTechnology sent over a set of their NuTouch Gloves for us to try out. Did they actually work? Are they worth the money? We are about to find out. 

Product Name: NuTouch Gloves

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Nothing to rave out here in my opinion. Gloves aren’t what you would consider a fragile item. The front of the packaging lists out what size the gloves are along with a nice photo of what they look like. On the back they list what sort of uses you might use them in. Say for instance, your GPS in your car or, ATM’s.

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Also included is a handy measuring chart so you can pick out the right size for your hand. It is pretty simple, measure from the tip of your middle finger to base of your palm. The NuTouch Gloves come in 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. NewerTechnology sent me over the X-Large to try out, what can I say, I have big hands.

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Performance and Layout

The gloves have a “special conductive fiber” woven into all 10 fingertips. Honestly, I couldn’t tell a difference between the tips of the gloves and the rest of the material. That’s not to say that they didn’t work. It is just not a noticeable difference in material. Your finger tips are not going to stand out from the rest of the glove.

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These gloves remind me of the cheap $2 girl’s gloves that you can find at any retailer around the country. The fit nice and snug against your hands without being too restrictive. When handling your phone or any other device that you might be using outdoors you don’t want a bunch of “bulk” to go along with it. These are perfect; they don’t get in the way at all. You can dive deep into your pants/coat pockets and fish out your device with no problem at all.

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I used them over the course of a week here in Indy while the weather had been turning colder. I used these with an iPad, Nexus 7 and an iPhone 5. I found that they worked great but had one major drawback. While it wasn’t a problem with the iPad or Nexus 7 I did notice on the iPhone 5 that it felt more slippery in my hands, to the point that I was worried about dropping my phone. I don’t have a case on my phones so I am always very cautious when I use them anywhere. I’m not if this is the gloves fault or the fact that the back of the iPhone 5 is made out of aluminum. Either way, just be a bit more careful while using them.

Overall and Final Verdict

Overall I was pretty happy with the NuTouch Gloves. They kept my hands fairly warm while outside and I was able to use my phone like normal. Again, just be a bit cautious while using your device with these as they tend to be a bit more slippery. After using them for the week I was anxious on how much they were. If these were $30 I would say skip em’ and just use something else. Well, we might have a new record here at LanOC. I think this is the cheapest review that we have ever done. You can pick these up over on macsales.com for $9. With their cheapest shipping they come out to $11.49. If you are in need a pair of gloves this winter you might want to give the NuTouch Gloves a look. They work well and are dirt cheap.

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