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So at the end of my time with the Droid Razr Maxx it was really hard to give up. Verizon can attest to this fact, and I am really sorry to this for this. But this should tell you how much I enjoyed my time with the phone. Even coming from a more than capable Android phone to the Razr Maxx was an experience. For just a short period of time I was able to live life without worrying about where I would charge my phone next, something that you don’t even think about in everyday life until you finally don’t have to worry about it. My only hope is that the Razr Maxx has left enough of an impression for all of the manufactures to question why they aren’t packing large batteries into every phone. I know in order for them to keep the phones thin like the Razr Maxx we might have to give up removable batteries, but if we can get a true full day of use out of a smart phone while using it all day we can finally look past the charging cables and enjoy our phones, more importantly we can life our life to the Max!


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