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Honestly, normally when companies take an amazing mouse and try to improve on it with anything even RGB lighting other aspects of the mouse tend to get changed and it's never as good as the original. Well the MM710 that I took a look at back in September is here again with an extra digit, the MM711. It isn’t a gas station convenience store, it is the MM710 but with RGB lighting. All of the same features that I loved about the MM710 are all still there. In fact our Pro’s and Con’s hardly changed at all. Cooler Master listened to the enthusiasts who have been drilling holes in their mice to make them lightweight and they brought out an extremely lightweight mouse. The MM711 does come in 7 grams more than the original though, but even at 60 grams it is half the weight of a G502 even before adding any of the included weights to the mouse.

They also swapped the standard gliders for PTFE feet and to add to that they even included a second set should you wear yours down or if you swap out the cord. Which speaking of the cord, don’t touch it. The Ultraweave cord is soft and very flexible which means when you move the mouse around you don’t feel the cord at all, even if it catches on anything on your desk. The MM711/MM710/MasterMouse S shape is small but great for most grips and hand sizes (you will want to use a claw grip if you have a larger hand). You also get the always popular Omron 20 million click switches for all of the buttons and triggers. Basically Cooler Master took all of the feedback from what people who are active on mouse forums and subreddits and included it all In a mouse. The addition of RGB lighting may not matter at all to most of those people, but to the more everyday crowd, I suspect people will be happy, especially with how the lighting looks with the honeycomb design.

Which btw was the only downside I had with the MM710 and nothing has changed to much for the MM711. While I don’t mind the design having holes in it, you are opening up the chance that dust and dirt collect inside and even potentially expose everything to moisture as well. The MM711 does have the diffuser for the lighting that may help a little with this though. With Cooler Master sending the original flat black model and a glossy white model I also learned this time around that the glossy models get slippery quickly. But I will say the MM711 looks amazing in white!

So the MM710 also managed to be a value with its price being $49.99. The MM711 does change that with its price being $10 more at $59.99. Putting them next to each other and asking if you want to pay $10 more for RGB lighting that will mostly be hidden by your hand might deter some people to go with the MM710. But even at $59.99, I don’t think it is a bad deal. Razers lightweight mouse is still $10 more and let's not forget just how much some mice like some of the Finalmouse mice have been. Overall I think Cooler Master has given people options, both mice have two finishes and two colors and you aren’t forced to pay more for RGB lighting unless you like it. My only problem now is should I stick with the MM710 for my LAN rig or switch to the MM711. If I had the flat white MM711 I know that would be my answer but for now it is more up in the air. What do you think I should do?


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