Well, tiny keyboards mean a tiny box. The CK61 comes in a box about the same size as past 60% keyboards. It is flat black and on top the Motospeed logo and “Live for games” in a metallic red finish. The box came in a little beat up as you can see, international shipments never seem to get the love coming to my office for some reason. There wasn’t anything that would cause damage inside at least. There is also a big yellow sticker on the front edge with some more information on the board as well as options to select a color, only black is the only option lol.

image 1

image 2

Inside the board comes wrapped up in a padded bag with foam on each end to keep it from moving around in the box and protected from box damage like our sample experienced. On top of the keyboard were two papers, one is a basic manual and the other I couldn’t read. Then for accessories, you get a plastic keycap remover and a USB cable. The cable is black with sleeving and unlike most other keyboards it is a USB to USB Type-C connection. A lot of my storage runs Type-C, my camera, and even my laptop. But Type-C is only slowly making it to the rest of the market except on some of the custom PCBs in the enthusiast community and in a few keyboards upcoming spotted in Computex coverage. 

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