So for performance testing, I toyed around with both the G903 and G703 for a while with the PowerPlay then I went with the mouse that I preferred and have been testing the PowerPlay exclusively for 3 to 4 weeks now. So first lets touch on the mice. I took a few shots of their lighting because I know at least one person wants to see what they have going on. Both are simple with the G logo on both and just one other LED spot on each mouse. The G903 has the larger lighting behind the DPI buttons and the G703 has a much more subtle ring in the scroll wheel.

image 55

image 56

image 57

Like I said earlier the G903 is longer than the G703 and you can really see it when they are next to each other. I actually love the ambidextrous shape of the G903 but with the G703 to compare to it next to it I do wish it was a little shorter. Really I prefer the G703 but wish it was ambidextrous, its shorter length feels better, simpler design and lighting looks better, and it has a little more width that fits my hand better.

image 58

I got both mice on the scale and the G703 came in at 102 grams and the G903 is heavier at 110 grams. I also tested the weight of the G703 after swapping out the stock insert for the PowerPlay module. It added 6 grams to the total weight. I think the slightly lower weight also contributes to me preferring the G703. At 102 grams it isn’t an ultra lightweight mouse, but it is wireless and I think this is on the lower end of a wireless gaming mouse.

image 59

image 60

image 61So from there on my focus on my testing was just how the PowerPlay worked. I found a few aspects that I wasn’t a fan of that I think there is room to improve on. I touched on it earlier but I prefer a hard mouse pad and the 2mm thickness of the pad and PowerPlay independently on the specification listing were both a little off from what I experienced. Both were around 2.7mm, together that is 5.4mm thick. So this setup is obviously a lot thicker than a normal configuration. I complexly understand the reasoning, but I do think they could have made the hard pad thinner, or maybe if they built the PowerPlay design right into the pad they could have gotten thinner (at one point I also used my old SS pad on the PowerPlay because it was thinner). At a minimum though I think they may want to look at adding an edge design that helps transition between the two, the sharp edge of the pad combined with the thickness was uncomfortable for me for a long time. I seriously considered getting a mouse wrist rest to cover it up. The reason I didn’t do that was because with my huge 3+1 27 inch monitor setup my monitor stand has a big footprint and the power box and USB cable ran right into that so I had to run this pad over to the right more than I would like and all the way to the front edge of my desk. A center-mounted control box and cable would have made all the difference in the world for me. I suspect that my situation is rare, but I have to at least mention it.

Now the last issue I had was a little ironic given the thick textured surface on the bottom of the hard pad, but every day I have to make sure to move the pad back into its location. The tiny lip on the PowerPlay base to help keep the mouse pad in place did nothing. I think if Logitech makes a future version of this, integrating a beveled transition to get rid of the sharp edge would also double has a nice way to keep the pad in place as well. It didn’t move a lot, but I consistently would move it a half inch to an inch to the left each day. Ironically moving it closer to where I would prefer the pad to be had the cord and box not been up against my monitor stand base lol.

So with all of that said you might think I hate the PowerPlay right? I’m sure there is a product manager at Logitech crying already. But seriously the other side of the coin here is the actual charging. I HATE having my wireless devices die and I’m really bad at remembering to turn them off when not in use or plug them in. So having my mouse constantly charging while not having a cord attached rubbing all over the stuff covering my desk was well worth it. Both the G930 and G703 came in with a 20% ish charge and both charged up while I was using them on the pad. They didn’t charge quickly because I was using them, but the fact is the PowerPlay outputs more than the mice use even with a gaming sensor, lighting, and heavy use. I didn’t have to keep the mouse in one specific area, as long as it was on the mouse pad I was good and it charged even when holding the mouse in the air about a ¼ to ½ inch before it disconnected. Setup was simple as well, you literally just drop the module into the mouse and the PowerPlay did everything else, sensing it was hooked up and syncing the wireless signal.

image 62


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