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Logitech also sent the G903 over, well, in fact, this is originally what they sent with the PowerPlay but they heard I was interested in the G703 so much that they sent that as well. With the G903, it wasn’t that I wasn’t interested. Just that the design hasn’t really changed from the G900 that I reviewed last year. You should check out that review HERE.

That said we can see if anything is very different with the G903 but to spoil things, there are only a few small differences. The packaging is different from the G900, but in line with the look, Logitech has on all of their gaming lineup now. You get the same grey background with large metallic letters for the product name across the front. Then there is a picture of the mouse across the front but I do wish that it was a picture of the full mouse not this zoomed in one. The back of the box has a side profile full picture though along with three of its features listed. But what I like the most is how compared to the G703 when you open up the box for the G903 it feels special. It is in a split box and when it is opened up the mouse is right there in the middle without any covers.

image 38

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Inside the box, you get a tiny safety and warranty paper as well as a setup guide for documentation. Then you have the USB cable and a small plastic box. The cord is the same exact cost we have seen a few times. The G900 had it, the G703, had it, and the PowerPlay also uses the same cord. It is USB to micro USB with a unique wing design on the micro end that adds support when it is plugged into your mouse. Inside the box, everything is in foam with a cutout spot for each item. You get another 10-gram weight like the G703 had, you can put this up under the mouse in the location of the PowerPlay module if you want more weight and aren’t using the charging system. There is a USB dongle and the adapter that lets you swap the included cord between the dongle and charging the G903. I love that Logitech includes the mouse name on their dongles, for most this might not matter but when you have more than one mouse around the house you don’t want to get your dongles mixed up. Then there are two side panel plates. One fills in the left side buttons and the other are buttons for the right side, these are for those crazy left-handed gamers that don’t get enough love.

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So the G903 has the same ambidextrous shape as the G900 with the same aggressive styling to go along with it. In fact on the outside nothing at all has changed between the two. This is a very polarizing style but what I always found interesting about the G900 is that in your hand it doesn’t feel the way it looks. What I mean by that is most mice with aggressive styling like this you can feel every gap and line but the G900 and G903 in your hand just feels like a normal simple mouse. Now it is longer than the G703 and you can see that even from the side profile shots below. So it does have thumb buttons, they aren’t as thick and they are longer than the G703. Because this is an ambidextrous mouse though, Logitech has designed these to be removable. So you can remove them and install the second set on the right side of the mouse for left-hand use. Or if you are really saucy you could just keep all four or run none! The left buttons are labeled G4 and G5 and the right are G6 and G7 so they are independent of each other.

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Being ambidextrous means there isn’t a tilted side to side when you look at the front and rear views. Now on the front, you do have the Micro-USB plug with the holes for the winged cable, this is where you plug the G903 in to charge if you are uncivilized and want to actually have to charge your mouse and not just use PowerPlay.

image 48

image 49image 50

Up top, the triggers are extremely independent of the other half of the mouse and this is one of the 3 ways that Logitech changed the G903 from the G900. They still run Omron but they bumped them up from 20 million click switches to 50 million click switches. The scroll wheel for the G903 is way different from the G703 with a metal base and large groves in it. It also has a click when you push down and left and right clicks as well. Behind it, there are three more buttons. The two side by side are for flipping between DPI settings and then the one closest to the scroll wheel is a mechanical button that when pressed unlocks or locks the scroll wheel. When unlocked it goes into free spin mode without any card in spoke sound. There is an LED behind the DPI buttons and the G logo under your palm with RGB as well.

image 52

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The G903 has the same PWM 3366 sensor that the G703 has and the G900 has so there isn’t too much to talk about there. All of the required certifications are hidden up under the PowerPlay module insert like the G703 and G900 as well. There is a power switch to turn the mouse on and off unless it is plugged in via USB. Then for gliders, Logitech went with a lot, there is a large one under the triggers, two near the sensor, two under the wings, and then one up under the back.  

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