For performance testing, I have actually been using the G900 as my main mouse for the better part of a month. This helps me get a feel for it in every day use and gaming plus those extended use gaming nights. My initial impressions were surprisingly good. While I am right handed I do seem to favor ambidextrous mice, I don’t really care to have my hand leaning when holding my mice. The G900 fit my hand well right away though I did have to get used to using a wireless mouse again as it's been a while. This was mainly me remembering to turn the mouse off when I was done. Remembering to charge It was a whole other issue that I will get into here in a minute.

After the month of use, I can say for sure that I do really like the shape of the G900. I was a little worried that the over exaggerated styling might make it uncomfortable but it didn’t. The length of the mouse made it easy to fit my larger hands and the long triggers helped me switch between a palm grip and a claw grip from time to time. It also made it easy for it to fit my wife's smaller hand, she did point out how big it was, though. Left-handed folks will be happy to know that they are going to get the same experience as well. I didn’t mess around with swapping the buttons around but it is nice to know that you have the option to run left or right or even four buttons or none depending on your preference.

The Pixart PWM3366 sensor performed extremely well in my testing. I really wasn’t expecting anything less, though. It is a highly regarded sensor and I’ve enjoyed it in previous mice. Tracking was good in game and out of game including doing detailed work in photoshop. I didn’t have any issues with it trying to compensate or change the tracking as well.

The side buttons were well placed and didn’t require any adjustment from my day to day Sensei. I programmed one for my voice coms leaving the second open for an in game function if needed. The DPI buttons were also well out of the way while still being within reach for anyone who might want to change their DPI on the fly, it's not something I would want to do but I did toy with it a little to make sure it is easy to do. I also loved having the freespin mode button back on the scroll wheel. Every time I come back to a Logitech mouse I have to remind myself that the option is there, but when you need to scroll forever to the bottom of a page it is nice to unlock the wheel and let it spin.

Speaking of, the scroll wheel seems really solid. Adding the rubber to the outside of the metal wheel gives good grip but still had a solid feel. I will miss how easy it is to clean the rubberless metal wheels, though. The triggers were a little difference than I was used to on my Sensei. The Omron switches have a very loud click. I actually ended up really liking it, but I suspect if you have someone else in the room with you and you play a click intensive game like League or Starcraft you might just drive them a little crazy.

As for the wireless performance, the G900 didn’t feel any different than a wired mouse. Sure I had to remember to turn it off, and you have to charge it, but the performance was lag free and just as good as a wired mouse. Battery life was really impressive. I ended up seeing about the same as the 25-hour estimate that Logitech gives so you really don’t need to charge it every day unless you are constantly using it for that entire time period. It lasted so long in fact that I consistently would forget to plug it in until the warning would pop up on the screen. I ended up just using the micro-USB charging cable I had on my desk most of the time as well to save space, but I wouldn’t do this if you want to use the mouse while it is charging. That plastic part around the plug on the included charger is to help protect the delicate connection when you are swinging it around.


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