The packaging for the Gram Spectrum is the standard full sized keyboard box and the outside is similar to past Tesoro keyboards but with a few changes. For starters, there is a photo of the full keyboard on the front but it is a little smaller than you would expect. This gives more room to see the gray/black background with the purple trim. Up in the top left corner is the Tesoro black and white face logo and then up above the keyboard is the full Tesoro logo with the keyboard name as well. The smaller photo also left room to highlight a few key features down along the bottom as well as showing off the new Tesoro Agile switches.

image 1

The back of the box has another photo of the keyboard with the backlighting turned on as well as photos all along the top that show off key features of the board. Next to the keyboard they also talk about the Agile switches a little more, specifically their shorter throw and actuation distance and the lighting and macro customization.

image 2

Inside the box, there is foam on both ends to help the Gram Spectrum fit snug due to its extremely thin bezels. It is then wrapped in a plastic bag. Up under the flap with “Break the Rules” on it, you will also find the removable USB cable. Beyond that, the board comes with a thin manual that shows a few instructions for the function layer controls.

image 3

image 6


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Today I take a look at Tesoro's new Gram Spectrum

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