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I would really love to come in here and say that SteelSeries went all out with a completely new design for the Sensei Fnatic, but the reality is this is a standard Sensei with a little more styling. That styling is going to be more attractive to you if you are a Fnatic fan specifically. Lets take a quick look around the mouse and see what they did differently.

image 7

Starting right on the top of the Sensei Fnatic, you have a flat black finish that covers the top panel from the back of the mouse all the way across both triggers. To break up that black, right in between the triggers you have a white strip with a bright orange scroll wheel. I have a feeling that I don’t have to remind you guys that I love orange, so this black/white/orange combo caught my eye right away. Function wise nothing has changed from a traditional Sensei though. You still have a button to swap between two different DPI’s as well as an LED to let you know which of the two settings you are on.

image 10

image 12

That white finish actually goes around the front of the mouse and to both sides of the mouse. The white finish is more of a glossy finish where the top black was flat. Both sides of the Sensei have two programmable buttons and the Sensei Fnatic isn’t any different there. Much like the top they finished the buttons off in a bright orange. This orange is actually a nice pearl, you can see the colors are a little different in each photo. The white and orange on the sides brings together the triple color combo from the top of the mouse as well giving it that “Fnatic” look.

image 8

image 11

image 13

image 14

Really the only branding visible on the mouse is the Fnatic logo on the back of the mouse. This is where the SteelSeries logo was previously. It’s a little weird that there isn’t a SteelSeires logo visible, but I think most people will recognize the shape of the Sensei by now.

image 9

On the bottom the only thing that has changed is the Fnatic logo on the bottom. You still get the same LED screen that lets you adjust your settings on the fly without software. This was a bit of a surprise to me, some of the Sensei and Sensei based models have dropped this feature to keep the costs down. I’m curious if this was a feature that the Fnatic team wanted to keep.

image 15

SteelSeries didn’t go with anything special when it came to the coloring on the USB cable. I expected to see small touches of orange or something similar like we have seen on other SteelSeries mice but they went all back this time around. You still get a cable that is if anything longer than you should need with gold plating on the USB connection to assure a long life.

image 6

Here we can see the Fnatic Edition up next to a standard Sensei. The difference in finish is even more noticeable when you see them next to each other. You can see the oil, finger prints, and dust the standard Sensei gets while the Sensei Fnatic Edition is a little less sensitive to the overall oil and dust but the Fnatic Edition can still have issues with oil. You can also get a good look at the differences in lighting between the mice. The original Sensei has the light up SteelSeries logo on the back that can be changed to any color while the Sensei Fnatic has a smaller area that lights up and it only glows in the teams orange color. For me that isn’t a big deal, as you can see my original Sensei also sports the orange. I do wish they would have lit up the entire logo though; it’s a little weird with it just being a small portion. The orange scroll wheel also puts out its fair share of lighting as well, as you can see in the second photo below.

image 16

image 1


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #33353 22 Nov 2013 13:32
Hey everyone, for today we have a quick look at the Fnatic version of the Sensei from SteelSeries. This is especially fitting for us because we are spending the weekend at MLG checking out the DOTA2 tournament with SteelSeries. Fnatic does have a DOTA 2 team. we will be seeing them and there competitors, like Na'vi, at MLG

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