The Sensei RAW using the same SteelSeries Engine that all of their latest product use. This is great for anyone with more than one steel series product and has to be much easier for SteelSeries when it comes to support and updates as well. The first of the software’s four tabs has three different angles and shows each of the Sensei RAW’s buttons. On the right side you have seven different button assignments where you can select each button and program them with macro’s or any other function you would like. On this same page you can also flip the mouse to left handed mode as well.

software 4

Next on the settings tab you can change the CPI settings from both the LED on and off modes as well as adjust the mouse’s USB polling rate. This is also the same page that you can adjust the lightings intensity and pulsation. If you notice, unlike the Sensei you can’t change the lighting colors on the RAW. I do love that you can turn the lighting down if you feel it’s too bright, or turn it all the way off as well.

software 1

The third tab is the properties tab. This tab is really simple; it allows you to set up profiles that activate when specific applications are loaded. This is good for example with Photoshop where you can set your CPI lower and have button functionality specific to the application. This goes the same for any game that you like.

software 2

The last tab called the Statistics tab is just that, a page where you can track your mouse usage. Once you start recording you can go back later and see how much you use each button. This can come in handy for someone very hardcore into a specific game where they can look at how much they use macro’s placed on their mouse and rearrange them more efficiently if needed.

software 3

As with other SteelSeries mice, once you program everything you can save it as a new profile and upload it to the mouse. The RAW only has one profile spot on the mouse, but this still comes in handy when you need to take your mouse to use on a new or different PC without installing the software.


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SteelSeries introduced a cheaper version of the Sensei

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