SteelSeries did things slightly different with the Sensei RAW, the packaging has the standard SteelSeries styling but it a little brighter with a light color used behind the product photos on the front cover. I like how the light background also has engineer drawings in the background of different parts of the mouse. Around back the Sensei RAW’s key features are highlighted in a few small pictures as well as short descriptions of each feature. Those descriptions are repeated in a few languages as well taking up most of the page of the box. They did manage to slip in a specifications listing up top as well. Back around front with the door on the front opened we find even more color with a good portion covered in a bright orange. Here they have a nice breakdown of the differences between the Sensei and the Sensei RAW. You can also get your hand on the Sensei RAW to get a feel for its size and shape.

Inside you get a small manual, a SteelSeries product guide, and a SteelSeries sticker. There isn’t a driver disc, some will not like this. Personally I always download the most up to date version of software off their website anyhow.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #26210 16 Jul 2012 23:10
SteelSeries introduced a cheaper version of the Sensei

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