With the same sensor and shape as the Xai my expectations for the Sensei’s performance were very high. Swapping out to the Sensei from the Xai was rather uneventful really. Once I was in game the only time I remembered I was using the Sensei was when I needed to adjust my CPI. Its performance matched the Xai perfectly in every way. The smooth metallic finish on top wasn’t noticeable at all. The glides slide perfectly across the mousepad and the mouse itself (just like its brother) is perfectly shaped without being large or ergonomic. The closest thing to a complaint that I could come up with is that out of the four side buttons only two are truly usable, but the second pair is there for left handed use.




As someone who prefers to keep software off of my main PC, I love the Sensei’s onboard memory. After we configured our profiles on our test bench I moved it over to my work PC. Without any software installed I still have all of the configuration we originally setup including the LanOC Reviews logo on the bottom. When I needed to adjust the CPI in game I just flipped the mouse over and brought up the menu and adjusted the CPI to something useable. Not only do you have the on the fly button up top to switch between two CPI’s, but the Sensei is more than capable of having any of its features adjusted right on the mouse. This is perfect for someone who switches PC’s often like a tournament player. As long as windows sensitivity is set the same you won’t have any problem jumping from PC to PC and going right into a game and dominating.



To finish up our performance testing I wanted to show you guys an example of the 32 bit ARM built into the Sensei. Here is a video of both the Xai and Sensei’s onboard menu’s. It’s easy to see how quick the Sensei’s menus are. Just for reference the Sensei is on the left, Xai on the right.


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Arxon's Avatar
Arxon replied the topic: #19733 11 Sep 2011 06:42
You could have used fraps on the options video for a clearer picture.
garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #19735 11 Sep 2011 07:00
I know, we wanted to try out the use of the video camera. We are planning on using it in the future for things that Fraps can't do.
Arxon's Avatar
Arxon replied the topic: #19737 11 Sep 2011 10:04
Yeah understandable. Do you guys have the light stuff with the reflective umbrellas?(don't know what they are called)
garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #19739 11 Sep 2011 10:18
no our lighting is typically rudimentary at best. I am hoping to get better lighting after the new year. The cost of CES puts a major damper on things and picking up the new camera was a big hit also.

So what do you guys think of the Sensei? This is one of only I think two reviews published on the mouse right now worldwide (atleast that we can find).
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khanov replied the topic: #19799 14 Sep 2011 12:30
Thanks for the review, good read.
I'm curious about one thing that you left out, did you try the "Exactaim" and "ExactAccel" ?
These seem to be Steelseries name for on-the-fly adjustment of acceleration. I know most gamers would just turn that **** off, but I was wondering if you played with it at all (and if so what are your impressions) ?
garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #19800 14 Sep 2011 14:46
I did try out the Exactaim and Exactaccel. Having come from the Xai I already knew what I preferred. I crank up the Exactaim to cut out the "jitter" or shakyness that a laser mouse sometimes gets on a poor quality surface. It also does a good job of keeping your aim steady in game if you get slightly shaky.

Exactaccel is a 1 - 10 setting for in mouse acceleration. I am like most other gamers who prefer no acceleration on my mouse. With it turned up to its highest setting of 10, responsiveness is considerably higher. Depending on how quickly you move your mouse moving a few inches can move the curser all the way across the screen or only a few inches. If you can get used to it, accel can be great for a sniper who needs detailed movement when aiming but the ability to turn around quickly if needed.
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Wingless92 replied the topic: #19802 14 Sep 2011 19:46
I wish we had a release date on this. I want one!
garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #19803 14 Sep 2011 19:58
They haven't announced a date but they keep saying SOON. I suspect it will be over the next few days.
Wingless92's Avatar
Wingless92 replied the topic: #19919 20 Sep 2011 21:24
Shipping the first week of October. Gonna wait till it hits Amazon then i'll pick one up.
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Wingless92 replied the topic: #20353 11 Oct 2011 01:36
They are sold out right now on Amazon. I am holding off until they are back in stock. I really don't want to mess around with returning it if I don't like it with another website.
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Wingless92 replied the topic: #20512 23 Oct 2011 23:29
Picked mine up on Amazon. So far i'm liking it but I am still getting used to it. Much better than the Razer mouse that I had awhile back. Liking that I can change the colors to match my keyboard.

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