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No huge surprises, the Nepton 240M has the purple/black theme that all non-Storm Cooler Master products have. On the front of the box you have a photo of the water cooling, a 5 year warranty badge, and three budges highlighting features. On the back Cooler Master put a line drawing of both the pump and radiator, this is great if you are concerned that the kit might not fit in your build. They also include a graph showing the performance that you might expect. Other than that there isn't too much else going on the back of the box, but you get everything you need. For those, like me, who like to see specifications as well, Cooler Master also slipped them into the side of the box.

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Inside the box everything is wrapped up in their own individual plastic bags and then placed in a formed cardboard tray to keep it all safe. 

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Along with the radiator/pump you also get a warranty information paper and an instruction book. All of the accessories come wrapped up in a Ziploc like bag. You get a 240mm rubber mount to keep the Nepton's fans quiet. You also get mounting kits for both Intel and AMD and also specific screws for Intel 2011 sockets as well. There is also a short four pin fan splitter so you can hook both fans up and know they are running the same speed.

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The Nepton’s radiator is slightly thicker than some of the other sealed kits that I have had in but it is still a little thinner than what the average custom loop’s radiator would be. That said I really like that Cooler Master slipped the small logo onto the side of the radiator, when installed this along with the logo on the pump should show off what you have.

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So speaking of the pump/water block of the Nepton 240M. What you get is noticeably thicker than all of the other sealed kits. Those of you hoping to pack this into a very small form factor may have to keep that in mind, but for most people a little thicker on the pump isn’t going to get in the way of anything. On top of the pump Cooler Master slipped in a backlit Cooler Master logo. I think it looks good, but if you are looking for something a little more subtle, it may not work for you. In the shots below we can see the FEP tubing. Each line attaches to the pump with a 90-degree fitting that moves slightly. On the bottom side I wasn’t really all that impressed with the surface of the water block. The copper plate is large but the finish is a little rougher than I would prefer, you will most likely be able to edge out a little more performance by polishing this later on.

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The Nepton 240M comes with two 120mm Silencio fans. They run between 800 and 2400 RPM and are both PWM fans. Cooler Master is saying that the fans pull 4.8 watts each and put out a maximum of 27 dBA. The Silencio fans look a little different from the rest of Cooler Masters product lineup, the fan blades extend around more than most fans giving them a twisted look. What I did find interesting, if you look the fan cords, the start as the thin all black cables that I love but they wrapped them in sleeving over top of that. If they used standard bright cables I would prefer sleeving, but in this case I would rather go with the plain cable. 

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Before your weekend you might want to check out the 240mm water cooling kit from Cooler Master that I take a look at today. Have a great weekend!

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