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Normally my case reviews would start with pictures of the case empty but really the GEEEK A30 requires a lot of construction after getting the hardware installed. I didn’t want to have to pull everything apart again to install everything. Plus these pictures look a lot better anyhow right? So the A30 is available in three color variations currently. You can get it in black, white, or a block/white combo. I went with the all black configuration. The pictures on their website with white in them look good, but I don’t know if those are all white or white/black combos, they don’t really show what the difference is between those two models right now.

image 50

Up on the top panel, the A30 has two 80mm exhaust fans with a honeycomb grill design to cover them up. The entire top panel and really the entire exterior of the A30 is in acrylic. The top, front, back, and bottom are all in black and the sides are transparent. The top and front have a dual layer design, I think this is where the white/black combo case comes in. But it looks good in black and still gives the case a little more style beyond just a black box.

image 51

The gloss black finish really stands out on the front of the A30. The six mounting screws are all visible but beyond that, you just have the front I/O and power button. For the front I/O you get two USB 3.0 plugs and then unmarked microphone and headphone jacks. The front power button is then just a standard vandal power switch with an LED ring. The LED lights up in blue but you could swap this out with any color to match your build if you want, or even with a different design with a dot LED in the center for example.

image 52

image 53

The GPU side of the A30, when filled up with a card like this Zotac, looks really good. They did a good job keeping the area under it covered and clear from stray wires to take away from the overall look from this side. Same up top, the smoked panel up there covers up any wires. In fact, combined with the black cables you can’t see any wiring at all back here (okay there is a touch of orange, but no one else is going to have use that extension cable like I did). Now I didn’t use any of the hard drive mounting, but there is an optional mount that replaces the video card with a 3.5-inch hard drive for those of you who don’t need the GPU POOwers but need storage. There are also two 2.5 inch drive mounts as well. So you could load the A30 up with an M.2 or two depending on your motherboard then an SSD and a hard drive in 2.5 or 3.5 depending on if you need the video card.

image 54

So the rear of the A30 really puts its overall size into perspective. The rear I/O for the motherboard takes up most of the space, especially when you combine the rear I/O of the video card as well. You can see that the FlexATX PSU down on the bottom doesn’t have much room between it and the motherboard. Leaving just a little room up top above everything for some wiring and the fans that we know are up there. You can kind of see how the video card isn’t sitting straight even with that top mount facing down. The PSU does need a black paint job though, that would help clean up the back of the case. Once in use, you will never see it though.

image 55

image 56

The bottom of the case is all acrylic as well but they did give us four large feet to keep everything from sliding off of a table. The mounting is a standard type so you could swap these out with other feet available from modding websites as well. They aren’t anything too special, but I love that they went with this style over a cheap rubber bump or something similar.

image 57


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