Installation and Performance

As you can see, installation went well enough from the motherboard and power supply stand point. The tray window is so large in don’t think anyone, no matter how large your hands are, will have any issue installing extra support brackets behind their CPU fan. As far as space for the CPU fan itself, there is nearly a seven inch clearance between the motherboard and the side panel window to work with meaning room for pretty much everything within reason.

UrbanS21 23

UrbanS21 26

UrbanS21 28

Where the Urban S21 falls flat is in the cable management department. As always, I use a non-modular power supply to maximize cable management testing and this perhaps made things appear worse overall than they really were but still a few points existed that even a non-modular power supply could help with.

UrbanS21 25

Perhaps the most glaring issue was the ability to get power to the 8-pin port present on the top left of motherboards these days. With no holes along the bottom in the motherboard tray you are first required to run all your cables out of your PSU along the bottom of the case and past the hard drive bay before doing anything with them. After this you have to traverse the entirety of the tray again to reach the 8-pin connector and with the length of cable required I simply could not do it. Even if you did have a cable long enough to accomplish the task, there is simply no space available to thread the connector around the motherboard and into position. The only solution I found was to run the cable directly up to the connector but even this forced me to go through real estate taken up by expansion cards and the CPU fan’s air path.

UrbanS21 27

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Deb0 replied the topic: #31868 26 Jul 2013 22:15
Some good, some bad. The S21 is a decent case amid superb competition.

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