The Urban S21 comes in a glossy black box meant to provide a bit more consumer appeal then the standard cardboard affair. We get a quick introduction to the case’s front panel and face design and little else beyond the mention of USB 3.0.

UrbanS21 1

The side of the package gives us the details on the S21’s specifications. A few of note are the dual USB 3.0 Front ports and the curious inclusion of a 3.5” external bay.

UrbanS21 2

Pulling the Urban out of the box we get our first look at it wrapped in plastic and bookended by protection providing Styrofoam. On top we see the included accessories tucked away. These include the typical standoffs, case screws, wire ties and a speaker along with the users’ manual.

UrbanS21 3

UrbanS21 22

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Deb0 replied the topic: #31868 26 Jul 2013 22:15
Some good, some bad. The S21 is a decent case amid superb competition.

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