After seeing the PC-100’s unusual design from the outside I wasn’t sure what to expect inside the case. Starting around back with the side panel off I was blown away by the amount of space between the motherboard tray and the side panel. There is no way you will have any problems routing cables behind the motherboard tray with this case. Along the bottom there is a black strip with hold-downs every half inch to an inch for routing cables all the way from the front panel to the rear of the case for things like your USB cables or display cables going to your video card outputs.

Around on the other side, once you remove the side panel, you have different pillars attached with thumbscrews blocking access to most of the interior. The left one is just there to help hold up your video cards and keep weight off their PCB as well as your motherboard. The second pillar is a hard drive holder. This unique way to mount hard drives leaves the rest of the case open for amazing air flow and any length of video cards. You can also mount hard drives along the bottom of the case if you so choose to, using the same rubber slide on design that was used on the hard drive pillar.

Because of the unique design its worth nothing that not only can you fit any video card you would like into this mid tower case. But you can also fix any motherboard all the way up to XL-ATX, something that only the largest cases on the market normally fit. Considering the extra case width, I wouldn’t be shocked if this case will actually fit HPTX form factor motherboards like the SR-2 and SR-x from EVGA (this isn’t confirmed, just speculation).

Lian Li even gave a nice sized opening for cpu backplate installation, but what seems to be missing are holes for wire management. We will find out later on if this effects installation and performance, with the cases unique layout it’s hard to say how things will play out.

image 19

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garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #25098 14 May 2012 18:46
An interesting case design from Lian Li. Its not without a few problems, but they manage to rethink cases, fitting a full XL-ATX motherboard into a mid tower case!
jamdox's Avatar
jamdox replied the topic: #25222 19 May 2012 13:40
I'm curious, do the water cooling tubes reach back to the 140mm fans or are they too short?
garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #25226 19 May 2012 18:18
they do reach as long as you turn the pump/water block to have the tubes on the right side. You would need a 140mm Radiator or a 140mm to 120mm adapter. Also because it is so tight it will depend on the motherboard you use, if the motherboard has the CPU socket any closer to the rear IO panel than on the board we tested with, it wouldn't work.
Wingless92's Avatar
Wingless92 replied the topic: #25235 20 May 2012 19:52
Saw this at their booth at CES. Was a strange design for case but that's Lian Li for ya. Lets do something totally different.

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